How to Survive Anything



Publication Information
Author(s): Rachel Buchholz
Illustrations: Chris Philpot
Publisher: National Geographic
Release Date: April 12th, 2011

Genre: Informational

Reading Level: Easy

Target Age: 10+

Grade Levels: 5-12

Gender: Male/Female

Description of Novel
This book is a laugh out loud how to informational book. While being extremely humorous, it does deal with some serious issues. It offers actual facts and advice on how to survive natural disasters and predators, as well as how to deal with school pressures (teachers, being the new kid, tests, etc.), peer pressures (fights, embarrassing moments, bullying, parties, braces, etc.), parental pressures, and just plain life. It has lots of fun and humorous illustrations, and is sure to draw in a reluctant reader. It a great grab and go type book!


Classroom Use
Bookshelf – This book would be an excellent book for the bookshelf in a classroom because it would be one of those books that a student could go over and grab when they were finished doing their work or during silent reading time, and it would keep them entertained and quite. In addition, a teacher could also use it as a means to provide some comic relief in the classroom at the beginning or end of class.

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