Every Human has Rights



Publication Information
Author(s): United Nations Declaration of Human Rights & The Community
Publisher: National Geographic
Release Date: November 25th, 2009

Genre: Informational

Reading Level: Easy

Target Age: 10+

Grade Levels: 5-12

Gender: Male/Female

Description of Novel
This book won the Best Children’s Books of the Year, 2010, and for due cause. This book is an excellent resource book to use if you were doing a unit on human rights, multiculturalism, diversity and much much more. The book is full of powerful photos, poetry, and short stories written by other kids that students can somewhat relate to. It goes through the 30 rights set down in 1948 by the United Nations. The short but excellent book allows kids to become familiar with these rights. Among some of the images in this book are scenes of a children praying, playing, working, and going to school in multiple countries all over the world. It includes pictures of protests, families displaced by war, a homeless child sleeping on the street, Jewish Holocaust survivors, battered women, and marriage ceremonies. The pictures in this book alone will stimulate classroom discussion, writing opportunities, and much more. The only downfall in this book, is that it can be a bit heavy with details sometimes, which is something the teacher would need to break down and discuss further.


Classroom Use
Core Curriculum (Resource)/Bookshelf – This book would be an excellent supplement to any social studies curriculum. It could be used for a unit on different lifestyles around the world, multiculturalism, diversity, and human rights. It could also be used to clue up a study of World War II as a more current connection to today’s world. A teacher could also use the pictures in the book as writing prompts, or the poetry to teach poetry in the classroom.

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